Men’s Ministry Rap Session

Join the men’s ministry as they explore the idea of looking towards Jesus Christ as the true and only model for “Authentic Manhood.”

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OYM Open Mic Night

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Annual Women’s Ministry Tea Party

The Church of the Oranges Women’s Ministry invites you to their annual Tea Party
Sunday April 3rd, 2016 at 3:00 pm.

Attire: Show off your spring colors (Pastels, butterflies, buttercups and florals)

Bring your tea cup and a generous donation!

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Stewardship – “Living Within the Income”

“Many do not remember the cause of God, and carelessly expend money in holiday amusements, in dress and folly, and when there is a call made for the advancement of the work in the home and foreign missions, they have nothing to give, or even have overdrawn their account. Thus they rob God in tithes and offerings, and through their selfish indulgence they lay the soul open to fierce temptations, and fall into the wiles of Satan.”…………….Counsels on Stewardship pp 249.

Stewardship – “Diverting Minds From The Truth”

“Every movement of this order, which comes in to excite the desire to get riches quickly by speculation, takes the minds of the people away from the most solemn truths that ever were given to mortals. There may be encouraging prospects for a time, but the end of the matter is failure. The Lord endorses no such movements. If the work is sanctioned, many would be attracted by these speculative schemes that could not in any other way be led away from the work of presenting the solemn truths that must be given to the people at this time.” Counsels on Stewardship pp 234.


Due to warmer climate, the date for the CHERRY BLOSSOM TRIP TO WASHINGTON, DC has been changed to March 27th.

Please disregard the previous date for the trip.

Details can be found in the flyer.

Global Youth Day Community Blood Drive


The Orange Youth Ministry and the Health Ministry invite you to our Global Youth Day Blood Drive on March 19, 2016. One of the purposes of Global Youth Day is to show God’s love by organizing and participating in activities designed to generate engagement, raise awareness, stimulate action, and make significant difference in our communities. We hope with your support, we can make a lasting impression on our community with this drive!

So why get involved?

  • The church can establish and gain goodwill in our community and build morale and camaraderie as we work together for a good cause
  • Blood donors feel good about giving back together with colleagues, friends or peers,
  • The Red Cross is better able to fulfill its mission of ensuring the availability of a safe and reliable blood supply
  • Patients in the community and across the nation receive the gift of life.

We pray you will join us in this initiative on March 19th and will help us give someone the gift of life through this drive!

Stewardship – “Guard Against Mistakes on Both Sides”

“The question now before us is, Shall we try to secure the places that seem desirable in price and location, when we cannot tell where our money is coming from? Brethren —, —, and others are opposed to the increasing of debts. But I am not prepared to say that we should not, under any circumstances, purchase land to which the Lord seems to have directed our minds, when there is no hindrance but the question of ready money, and which property, in the providence of God, we could soon pay for. We have to guard against mistakes on both sides.” Counsels on Stewardship pp 270

New Church Logo

The church has spoken and we are proud to reveal our new church logo. We appreciate the input from everyone!


Social Ministry Game Night 2!

You are cordially invited to a night of fun, laughs and fellowship! We hope to see you on March 12th!

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