Health Emphasis Weekend Begins Friday

We are so very excited to have Health Evangelist Rico Hill return to the Church of the Oranges for our health weekend! We begin Friday night at 7:00 pm with a very special program that is sure to be beneficial. Please bring a friend and come learn how to enhance your life in a healthy, natural manner!

Financial Seminar

Join us this weekend for our “How Money Works” seminar.

Some of the topics to be discussed:



Deferring Taxes

Life Insurance 


From the Pastor’s Heart – 9/19/16

Many of us have been watching the Olympics in Rio this week and have been moved by the many story lines that have emerged. Simone Biles, a little black girl who was abandoned by her birth parents but adopted by a Christian family, has captured our hearts as the greatest female gymnast ever. Usain Bolt has established himself as the greatest sprinter in history, by capturing gold medals in the 100 and 200 meters in the last three Olympics. But the story of a New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin, who fell during the 5,000 meter race is filled with Christ likeness in every way.

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William Street Initiative Block Party!

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Women’s Mammography Screening


New Worship Times

Pathfinder Drum Corps Open Call


Please be advised that our drum corps open call is next Sunday for all Pathfinders between 10-18 years old. We will rehearse from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm on August 7, 2016. All are welcome!

Pathfinder & Adventurer Club Registration


Pathfinder & Adventurer Club registration will be held August 28th from 10am-12pm. Please see invitation cards in the lobby for details or learn more using the buttons below. 

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