Church History Wall

Proposed Design for the Church of the Oranges History Wall

We welcome your input for the design of our new church history wall.  The wall will include the information contained in our display case as well as our history as presented on our site and from our 35th anniversary.  This includes the names of our founding members, the pictures of past pastors, and the burning of our church mortgage (picture and the mortgage).  The sections of the wall are interchangeable so the wall can continually be updated.  

The wall will be located between the clerk’s office and the pastor’s office (directly opposite the exterior double doors).
Please view the plans by clicking any photo below. We’re asking all suggestions to please be in by next Sabbath, Saturday, December 31, 2016.

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New Year’s Service & 40 Day Fast

Spend New Year’s Eve with us and bring in the New Year by hitting the reset button in mind, body and spirit! Details below.

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Women’s Masquerade Dinner is Sunday!

Ladies, we hope you are preparing for this elegant event on Sunday! Please be reminded that tomorrow, December 3rd, is the last day to give your $30 contributions.