We are a team of dedicated persons, ready to do what ever it takes to help our church grow in Jesus’ name!

Dr. E.T. Stoddart

Dr. E.T. Stoddart

Lead Pastor

pastor [at] orangenjsda [dot] org
office: (973) 678-1951

Dr. E.T. Stoddart is the Sr. Pastor of our congregation since November 2014. His every step is guided by the hand of God for the futhering of his kingdom. For more about him click here.

Devon Groce

Devon Groce

First Elder

headelder [at] orangenjsda [dot] org
office: (973) 678-1951

Elder Devon Groce has served as our first elder for a number of years. His dedication to the work of the Lord how s in all he does, especially in the areas of health and personal ministry.

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What others say about us

“Community oriented church where bible truth is EVERYTHING!”

Erika Herndon-Parris
Erika Herndon-Parris Church Member

“It’s a great place to be. The atmosphere is full of great people with good heart!”

Toyin Adebiyi Omidire
Toyin Adebiyi OmidireVisitor

“Such Such a warm, genuine and quality worship experience!”

 Dana Holness
Dana Holness Visitor

“Great Church, and a great place to belong.

 Jenniferann H. Loobie
Jenniferann H. Loobie Visitor

“Awesome worship experience! With 2 worship service to accommodate the community. Simply beautiful!”

Sandy Goulding
Sandy Goulding Visitor

“Every week around Thursday, I get excited because I know the Sabbath is approaching and it puts joy in heart to know that I will be spending it with the lovely people at the church of the oranges. At the church of the oranges you are welcomed with hellos, smiles, and warm hugs. Our praise and worship segments are uplifting to soul and spirit, then comes the main course, the powerful word from God, brought to you by Pastor Kennedy or Pastor Thelusca, and sometimes selected preachers. When you visit the church of the oranges, you won’t leave unsatisfied, but thirsting for more.”

Hiram Edwards
Hiram Edwards Church Member

“My home church, I love worshiping there with my brethren.”

Mandela Chow
Mandela Chow Church Member
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