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The Uncovered Series:  People are who they are…I have the right to feel and do what I want as long as I don’t hurt anyone…your truth doesn’t have to be my truth…I’m on this earth to satisfy me…I have no purpose for being here…

The world has one view; it’s all grey—a customized blend of truths and untruths.  But what do you believe?  Is it backed by fact or by feeling?

Join us nightly at 7:15 pm as we breakdown what the world believes and teaches versus what we as Christians believe and instills.

Nightly Schedule

3/11 – The Art of Storytelling @ 5:30 pm

3/12 – War of the Ages

3/13 – Human Nature

3/14 – Christian Behavior

3/15 – Family Matters

3/16 – The Last of Us

3/17 – The Returning

3/18 – After Earth (GYD wrap-up) service @ 2 pm



Global Youth Day 2017

The Orange Youth Ministry is seeking your help as we prepare for Global Youth Day! We are planning on taking to the streets of our community to share the love of Jesus Christ through our actions! If you need to learn more about GYD or to sign up for any of the activities, click the button below!


Journey to Freedom Recap

If you were not able to make it to see our “Journey to Freedom” click the buttons below to view photos from the event or to watch it in its entirety! Be sure to share with others.

Journey to Freedom

Join the youth of Church of the Oranges as a powerful story is told through time as our people have progressed from slavery to modern day. Unique perspectives will be shared and dramatized, you do not want to miss this event! Invite a friend and enjoy!

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If Not Now…Youth Weekend

Join us this weekend as our Youth lead us in an dynamic worship and social experience for our final Youth Day of the year! Click on the button for more details. 

Pathfinder Club Registration

Join the Orange Constellation Pathfinder Club as we begin the new year. Our club welcome kids/youth between the ages of 10 – 16. If you or anyone you know is interested, we invite you to our registration and open house on August 28th. Also, if you are an adult and would like to volunteer to work with our club, use the button below!

How to Maximize Your College Financial Aid Opportunities

When it comes to saving for college, many of us focus on a dollar amount. And it is good to have a goal, whether monthly, annually, or over a lifetime, for saving for your child’s college education.

But what many of us don’t consider are strategies for maximizing financial aid for our children when they apply for college. It’s better to pay for college out of savings than to take out student loans, but maximizing financial aid eligibility may net your child some needs-based grants, which don’t need to be paid back. 

Stop the Traffick Fashion Show

Join WingsBelleza as they put on a fashion show to focus on the dangers and reality of sex trafficking here in the United States. To learn more, press the button below. 

Calling College Freshmen and Sophomores

Check out this opportunity that came across our Education Ministry. The deadline is fast approaching (APRIL 15TH) so click  the button below for more details.


Ministry Leadership Webinar