“Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy” Seminar


“Islam and Christianity” is a Bible prophecy seminar based on Daniel 11:2 to 12:3. In this prophecy Daniel chronologically covers over 2500 years of time. Daniel starts in his time, 535 BC. He continues through Greece, then Rome and the coming of Jesus, and on through the break up of Rome and on through and past our time. History shows that Daniel’s predictions have been accurate for the last 2500 years so we feel that the remainder will also be accurate. Daniel predicted that the Roman empire would divide into a northern (Christian) power and a southern (Islamic) power. These two powers would have three major periods of conflict. The first was between European Christianity and Arab Islam from the time of Mohammad through the time of the crusades. The second period of conflict was the time of the reformation and the conflict between European Christianity vs the Islamic Ottoman Turkish empire. The third period of conflict will be “at the time of the end” and will be Christianity vs radical Islam. The third conflict will result in the break up of modern Islam as we know it today. The prophecy give the good and bad about Christianity and Islam. Both have been corrupted by their quest for political power, and both have persecuted those who believe differently. However, God has had true believers within Christianity and also some within Islam. This seminar will examine the prophecy and the history which will give you a brand new understanding of current events. Of current interest: In Daniel 11 it predicts the overthrow of radical Islam by the Christian powers. It is understood that the subject matter is volatile, so we promise to be respectful to those from all backgrounds and ask that guests/participants respect others as well. Christians, Muslims and others have attended and appreciated this seminar.

Tim Roosenberg is the author of the book Islam and Christianity in Prophecy, and seminar speaker. He was a pastor for many years before switching to full time seminar speaker. Tim is passionate about the Bible being the authority for life and teaching for Christians. He has studied prophecy for 30+ years and has discovered that following the reformers methods of interpretation leads to the most Biblical and historically accurate understanding of Bible prophecy.