The Uncovered Series:  People are who they are…I have the right to feel and do what I want as long as I don’t hurt anyone…your truth doesn’t have to be my truth…I’m on this earth to satisfy me…I have no purpose for being here…

The world has one view; it’s all grey—a customized blend of truths and untruths.  But what do you believe?  Is it backed by fact or by feeling?

Join us nightly at 7:15 pm as we breakdown what the world believes and teaches versus what we as Christians believe and instills.

Nightly Schedule

3/11 – The Art of Storytelling @ 5:30 pm

3/12 – War of the Ages

3/13 – Human Nature

3/14 – Christian Behavior

3/15 – Family Matters

3/16 – The Last of Us

3/17 – The Returning

3/18 – After Earth (GYD wrap-up) service @ 2 pm